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Emblem of Iceland as volcanoes and glaciers can be, the Icelandic horse is a unique breed. She is the purest race because  isolated for more than a millennium from other equine breeds. Even today, Icelandic horses are more than present in Iceland and allow tourists to discover Iceland differently.

Once upon a time Sarah...

I started riding young, I immediately wanted to make it my job. After passing my BPJEPS, I went to work in Denmark.

There, I discovered the Icelandic horses which are very popular in this country.

Working with these little horses was a real pleasure and a revelation. I had found my favorite breed.

After my two years in this breeding in southern Denmark, I went to work in northern Jutland with an Icelandic horse trainer.

I also worked near Hamburg, en  Germany, still with an Icelandic breeder to improve my practice of training these horses.

I had already planned to create my own structure. The choice of equestrian tourism linked to the Icelandic horse became obvious on my return to France. 

This is the beginning of the story of the "Icelanders of Vexin"


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